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As a full stack engineer, I can work on both frontend and backend for websites and (web) applications.

Data exchange

Analyzing, interfacing and transforming large sets of data from files, databases or APIs.

Content mangement

Website development powered by well-known CMS applications such as WordPress.

Online sales

Digitize your business by integrating well-known web shops such as WooCommerce.


Recent projects created with utmost care and attention

News, books, podcasts and TV app

News, books, podcasts and TV app

Vue 3 - Ionic - Capacitor - WordPress - OneSignal - Android - iOS

Cross-platform mobile app that lets users easily browse news, book reviews, podcasts and TV episodes on Android and iOS devices, both smartphone and tablet. Push notifications inform the user of new content.

Member management system
The Last Post Association

Member management system

Vue - Nuxt - Firebase - WordPress - WooCommerce

This web application manages over 10,000 members. It keeps track of membership cards and donations. It also simplifies following up on communication like special requests for the daily ceremony at the Menin Gate.

Configuration and quality management
Haemers NV

Configuration and quality management

Vue - Nuxt - Firebase - Vuetify - PWA

This progressive web application (PWA) is used by operators to keep track of various machine configurations for products by using QR codes. It also manages product quality by storing photos of rejected products.

Briefing tool

Briefing tool

Vue - Nuxt - Firebase - Bootstrap - Adobe XD

Process modernization by using a web application where clients of a marketing agency can submit new requests, follow-up on the progress and give feedback on the result.

Multilingual photo portal
Railfan World

Multilingual photo portal

Vue - Nuxt - Express - MongoDB - Cloudinary - Mailchimp

Fresh and responsive website with social interaction. Users upload their own photos and add metadata using the provided world wide rail taxonomy. The entire website is multilingual in Dutch, French and English.

Document management system

Document management system

Vue - Nuxt - Express - MS SQL

Internal web application where employees can upload technical documents. These documents can be labelled and searched for with intuitive search.

Custom tailored CRM
Time Plus

Custom tailored CRM

PHP - Laravel - MySQL

Responsive web application for customer relationship management. It has been tailored to the needs of the client for recordkeeping of customers and employees.

Responsive website
Time Plus

Responsive website

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - SEO

Single page company website to visually explain their services to potential and existing clients. The website works both on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

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Case study

Using XSLT as a powerful tool for data transformation

From WordPress to Adobe InDesign

XSLT is used to transform the HTML book content managed in WordPress to Adobe InDesign files. Each of the four books contain around 2000 pages with text and images.

Step 1: Input

Validate and sanitize HTML files and create corresponding XML files.

Step 2: Transformation

By using XSLT, the XML files are transformed to Adobe ICML files in multiple steps.

Step 3: Output

The ICML files are bundled into one Adobe IDML file per book.

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