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As a full stack engineer, I can work on both frontend and backend for websites and (web) applications.


As a graphic designer, I create user interfaces for both applications and websites.


Assisting and guiding developers with my expert knowledge to increase productivity.


Assessing existing IT projects and making recommendations according to best practices.


Recent projects crafted with utmost care and attention

Last updated on June 20, 2024


Doorbraak website

Doorbraak website

Nuxt.js - TypeScript - TailwindCSS - Plesk - Heroku - Cloudflare

Design and implementation of a newspaper website in a new and contemporary layout. Given the high amount of daily visitors, both frontend and backend are separated with client and server level caching to increase performance and reduce response times.

Impeccable Leadership website

Impeccable Leadership website

Laravel - TailwindCSS - CMS - Statamic - i18n - Antler - Alpine.js

Design and implementation of a multilingual business website promoting leadership development. The website has been developed in such a way that the administrators can easily adjust the entire content in both languages using the CMS.


Doorbraak app

Doorbraak app

Capacitor - OneSignal - Android app - iOS app

By reusing the same codebase of the frontend of the website, a cross-platform app was created with additional features like push notifications. The app is available through the Android and iOS app stores.

Production and warehouse app

Production and warehouse app

Nuxt.js - Firebase - Firestore - QR - PDF - PWA

This mobile app is used on various types of tablets to keep track of machine configurations and repairs using QR codes. It also allows for product quality and the preparation of PDF delivery notes. The progressive web application (PWA) continues to work even when the network connection becomes unstable or goes offline.

XML desktop apps

XML desktop apps

Electron - TypeScript - Saxon - XML - XSLT - XSD - DTD - JATS - ePub - Windows app - Mac app

Developing cross-platform desktop apps that transform XML input formats into corresponding XML output formats, finding discrepancies and using XSLT to transform the data step by step.

Web portals

Training and coaching portal

Training and coaching portal

Laravel - PHP - PHPUnit - Vue.js - TypeScript - Bootstrap - SQL - SurveyMonkey - Zendesk - HubSpot

Web portal of learning methods and related didactic material. Members can access more material throughout their progress. Questionnaires can be administered individually or in group and then summarised automatically in a PDF report.

Member management system

Member management system

Nuxt.js - Nest.js - TypeScript - TypeORM - SQL - WordPress API - WooCommerce API

This web application manages over 10,000 members. It keeps track of donations, membership cards and payments. It also simplifies following up on communication like special requests for the daily ceremony of the Last Post at the Menin Gate.

Appointment scheduling software

Appointment scheduling software

Laravel - Livewire - PHP - TailwindCSS - SQL

Appointment scheduling software for multiple therapist practices as well as the management of all their patient info. Patients can also schedule, change and cancel appointments themselves.

Coaching and Consultancy

Nuxt.js coaching & AWS consultancy

Nuxt.js coaching & AWS consultancy

Nuxt.js - Vuetify - Nest.js - TypeScript - Sequelize - InfluxDB - AWS - Amplify - EC2 - S3

Coaching a junior developer developing and maintaining a web app with seperate API according to best practices. Setting up both production and staging environments of frontend and backend using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cross-platform app

Cross-platform app

Angular - Capacitor - Nest.js - Prisma - GraphQL - Docker - Android app - iOS app

Analysing current software architecture and converting an existing Angular web app into a cross-platform Android and iOS app while keeping refactoring of existing code to a minimum.

Vue.js consultancy

Vue.js consultancy

Vue.js - TypeScript - Class-style syntax - ElementUI - SPA

Analysing coding practices, UI/UX practices, testing practices and deployment practices of an existing Vue code base and recommending possible further improvements.

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Case study

App development for both web, Android and iOS

Cross-platform app development

App will work on both Android and iOS devices, smartphones and tablets, in the web browser and from the app store.

Step 1: Development

Maintain a single codebase for both the web, Android and iOS app.

Step 2: Cross-platform tools

Use tools like Ionic and Capacitor to abstract platform differences and calls to native hardware.

Step 3: Deployment

Transform the single codebase for every platform.

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